Why Choose Us

We provide versatlie, professional and affordable services.

3D Graphics

3D Graphics

We cover the whole spectrum of a 3D project's pipeline: modeling (high and low poly) ,UV mapping, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering

2D Graphics

2D Graphics

We create unique ,original concepts for every project: character/creature design, illustrations, graphic design.

Game Design

Games provide us with an unlimited possibilities to bring our graphics to live and interact with our ideas.

We give dimenssion to your ideas

We give dimenssion to your ideas

About Us

Jabalaka LTD is a professional 3D/2D graphics studio. The company was established in 2015. Its founders - Lyubomir Todorov and Magdalena Simeonova, are both passionate artists with years of experience in the field of CGI and traditional art.

Both artists graduated as a 3D interactive designers in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which helped them bring their services on whole new level.

Lyubomir has strong background in advertisement and is passionate game designer.

Magdalena has more than 5 years of experience as a 2D animator and character designer.

We at Jabalaka ltd focus our efforts on creating high quality 2D and 3D graphics for games, animated movies, 3Dprinting, advertisement, architectural visualizations.

Our artists have the right skill set to breath life into your ideas in any dimension or media you desire.

We can provide high quality art with competitive pricing.

Our Team

We migth not be the best but this does not mean we do not provide the same quality service by doubling our effort

Magdalena Simeonova

Magdalena Simeonova

The Mastermind

3D generalist, character artist, animation director

Lyubomir Todorov

Lyubomir Todorov

Creative head

3D generalist, game design, level design

Jabalaka studio

Jabalaka studio

Our Batcave

What have we been up to

Some of our recent projects

Ricoh printers

A good example of a fruitful long term partnership. We have been doing commissions for the Ricoh team for...

Cosy sofa

A small fun project. A recent webinar inspired me to try my skills in furniture modelling. The result- a...

3D logotypes

A fun project for an university brochure. We created several 3D text styles.

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